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iDevice Preferences Solution

Finally, I think I’ve figured out the problem with the iDevice preferences problem with the breviary! The issue seems to be the way in which the Safari/Webkit browsers implement the Javascript I was working with; I’ve tightened that up and things should work now. So—if those using iPhones/iPads could check

Breviary Update

Ok—so I’ve been working all this past week to get the preferences re-coded for the breviary, and I think I’ve finally accomplished most of what I’ve set out to do. There are a few other things I’d like to add, but this is what we have for the moment… There

Tablet Test

Hey—could somebody with an iPad send me a screenshot of this?: And, no, it won’t look right on your desktop. But it should look okay on your Kindle. Thanks!

OJN Edition of the Breviary

I just announced over on the breviary blog a new edition of the breviary that follows the Julian Use. Read about it here: or try it out here: