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The Lazy Invitation

With General Convention coming up, I’m thinking about Communion Without Baptism again, prompted by occasional mentions of it I see around. Clearly I’ve got strong opinions on this topic, but it’s occurred to me that I rarely express the real problem with it… Bear with me here for a moment.

Anatomy of the Eucharist: Part 2

This is the second part of the Eucharist chapter that started here. ———————————- The Word of God Rite One Rite Two Required? Variation [hymn, psalm, or anthem] [hymn, psalm, or anthem] Optional Weekly Opening Greeting/Response Opening Greeting/Response Optional Seasonal Collect for Purity Collect for Purity Rite I: Yes, Rite II:

Anatomy of the Eucharist: Part 1

Ok—here begins the drive-by of the Eucharistic rites in the Book of Common Prayer… ——————————————– The Shape of the Eucharist Despite the variety of options available, any prayer book Eucharist still has a fundamental shape and character that defines it. Every Eucharist has two complementary halves, each of which celebrates