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Guest Post: Mother M for Epiphany 3

You may know by now that there was a weather event on the East Coast this past weekend. A spot of snow… My lovely wife, Mother M, was supposed to be supplying at a country church about an hour away … Continue reading

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Preaching Polls

Ok—I need your help. I’ve got some questions that I’d like some completely honest (and completely anonymous) answers to. I’m wondering about the process of preaching—particularly in terms of sermon composition—both from the clergy and the lay perspective. As a … Continue reading

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Sermon on Colossians 1: A Word to the Fashionable Modalists

M gave me permission to post this up; it’s what she preached this past Sunday. I wondered if it might rustle some feathers in the congregation but apparently she got quite a lot of feedback—all of it overwhelmingly positive. So, … Continue reading

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Early Medieval Homiletics Reading List

Brandon was wondering…a bit ago now…about some guidance on reading for medieval homiletics. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter. Now—I do come at this from an unusual direction. That is, a lot of the medievalists out there … Continue reading

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Diss Selection on Paul the Deacon

I figured I might as well throw this into the mix—it’s a selection from the diss on Paul the Deacon. The context is a discussion of “critical conversations”; that is, formalized, stylized and (most importantly) bounded discourses common to both … Continue reading

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M’s Sermon for Wednesday in Holy Week

What wondrous love is this, O my soul! What wondrous love is this that caused the Lord of bliss to lay aside his crown for my soul. In our readings, we are moving in a progression to Maundy Thursday. On … Continue reading

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The “New” Hermeneutic

At Mass a bit ago I leaned over to M and asked: “When did this new hermeneutic happen? When did inclusion vs. exclusion become the chief means for interpreting Jesus’ healing miracles–and most other narratives in the Bible–even when it … Continue reading

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And While You’re Reading Things…

Take some time to appreciate Fr. Haller’s sermon for the Feast of St. Irenaeus yesterday. In other news regarding St. Irenaeus’s day, I came across this text yesterday. It really does deserve a post but I can’t decide if it … Continue reading

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On African Bishops

Okay, I may well have been wrong before–with the announcement of a North American Ugandan bishop it seems like there may well be a coherent plan that the “Global South” bishops are following to get a replacement province in place … Continue reading

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Yet More On Preaching

It’s a homiletical bonanza… This is because the Episcopal Preaching Foundation’s yearly Preaching Excellence Program just wrapped up; and here’s an article summarizing the presentations. A few notes: On Tom Troeger’s poetry selections: perfect! I often use these two poems … Continue reading

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