Guest Post: Mother M for Epiphany 3

You may know by now that there was a weather event on the East Coast this past weekend. A spot of snow…

My lovely wife, Mother M, was supposed to be supplying at a country church about an hour away from our house on Sunday. What with the storm coming, the lay leadership of the parish decided to call off services on Friday. By that time she had a sermon already to go, but no one to preach it to. So, taking heart from the girls (both of whom have YouTube channels), she decided that she might as well get into the game too.

Hence, the parish’s loss is your gain—here’s Mother M’s sermon for Epiphany 3. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Guest Post: Mother M for Epiphany 3

  1. Barbara S.

    Finally got around to listening to this. A good sermon – thanks for posting it! I like the thing about your “family favorite bicyclist” especially….

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