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For Fear of Fundamentalists

There is a piece from Newsweek on the accuracy of Scripture that is making the rounds. I’ll not link to it here because it needs a bit of prefacing. It’s quite inaccurate. As I commented on a Facebook link to … Continue reading

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Defining Heresies

There is a theology that seems to be marketed largely to White suburban America—that the created image of God is vibrant and whole in humanity and that sin is more of an ugly rumor designed to make you feel bad … Continue reading

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Historical/Fantasy Authors Take Note

Alice Hicklin tweeting as @AngloSaxonist is one of my favorite medieval tweeters. She sends out terrific images of mostly Early Medieval artifacts, and if you have any interest in the material culture of this period or just like pretty things, … Continue reading

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Brain Foggy

Between things at work, things at home, trying to promote a book, trying to write two books, and fulfilling other writing/programming obligations, my brain hurts…  I owe a number of people emails as well that I’m very behind on. If … Continue reading

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Quick Thought on the Virgin Birth

Ok—here’s what I don’t get. You have people who are fine with God creating the entire universe from scratch. Think about that… Galaxies, suns, gravitational forces, quarks (whatever the hell they are…), rain forests, viruses, the dance of subatomic particles: … Continue reading

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Messing with the Prayer Book

Fr Tobias has been talking about Prayer Book changes; the post has been picked up over at Creedal Christian as well. In my own understanding of the Benedictine roots and expression of the Episcopal Church, sticking with the texts of … Continue reading

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Clergy Education/Clergy Graduation

I was listening to NPR this morning and a segment ran on job availablity. Of course, the news is not good in an economy of this sort. What did prick up my ears was discussion technical/trade schools.  One of the … Continue reading

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Liturgy. One More Time…

There’s a post at the Cafe about what Episcopalians can learn from Baptists. To my eyes, it repeats the usual tropes about hide-bound, static “book” liturgy as opposed to free and spontaneous “spirit-filled” worship. It’s a tired rhetorical dichotomy that … Continue reading

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Hatin’ on the NRSV

This weekend’s Gospel foregrounds one of my pet peeves about the NRSV; it’s translations can be down-right misleading in ways that obscure some fascinating stuff. In this Sunday’s reading they fooled around with Matt 22:20 in a way that covers … Continue reading

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What’s Relevant to the Church and Vice-Versa

There’s a post at the Cafe today about the growing irrelevance of the Church. We’ve talked about this before and will no doubt talk about it again. The church will always and everywhere be irrelevant if it is not successfully … Continue reading

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