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Wisdom of Solomon: The Righteous One

We’re in a great section of the Office lectionary as we got into both the Wisdom of Solomon and Colossians today. The Wisdom reading sparked a thought I wanted to share… Some of my early work on the New Testament … Continue reading

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Considering The Malice of Herodotus and Biblical Genre

One of the things that I find myself saying again and again to both clergy and parishioners is that moderns in general and modern Americans in particular seem to have real genre issues when it comes to the Bible. Every … Continue reading

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Apocrypha and Psuedepigrapha for Medievalists

Laying Out the Territory A medievalist comrade has put up a reading plan to get better acquainted with the Biblical Apocrypha and Psuedepigrapha, and asked for comments. As a Medievalist with a PhD in New Testament this question is right … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Morning Bible Thought

I’d love to do—not a true commentary per se—but a close reading that puts 1 Corinthians into conversation with Ephesians. 1 Corinthians is the preeminent Pauline book on the practicalities of church life: what to do about conflicts and factions … Continue reading

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Reading Ephesians

I’ve been reading through Ephesians for lectio and its taking me forever to get through it. (And that’s a good thing.) I keep getting caught on passages and will sometimes just sit there and chew on a few words for … Continue reading

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On Wise and Foolish Virgins

The Postulant wonders about the Gospel appointed for St Cecilia. Here’s the best and most complete answer I can give… ————- In the lectionaries of the Benedictine Revival, Matthew 25:1–13 was utilized for a general class of occasions: feasts of … Continue reading

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Long-Winded Response on Celibacy at Cafe

My latest piece is up on the Cafe today and a follow-up piece will appear tomorrow. It’s in response to Fr. George Clifford’s response to my earlier comments on celibacy. I engage his points on celibacy, but I’d like to … Continue reading

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Intellectual Lightbulb

I just figured out how to put into words why I’m unlike many of my colleagues in Biblical Studies: I don’t see biblical interpretation as an end in itself. Rather it’s a means for forming Christians according to the mind … Continue reading

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Hatin’ on the NRSV

This weekend’s Gospel foregrounds one of my pet peeves about the NRSV; it’s translations can be down-right misleading in ways that obscure some fascinating stuff. In this Sunday’s reading they fooled around with Matt 22:20 in a way that covers … Continue reading

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On Contexts and Biblical Interpretation

Huw and I have been having an interesting conversation at the Episcopal Cafe that I think is worth expanding. It began with a discussion of the parable of the workers in the vineyard with the occasional infusion of the parable … Continue reading

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