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CWOB News: Ecumenical Edition

Communion without Baptism is in the news again, but not from the Episcopal Church this time. Rather, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, an ecumenical partner (and the church in which I was raised), is in the midst of its … Continue reading

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Question for Lutheran/Protestant Users of SBB

…if there are any, that is… The current OF Roman kalendar is waiting in the wings at the breviary, but I received a suggestion that I should include the Lutheran or other protestant kalendars for my non-Anglican/Roman readers. Is there … Continue reading

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TAC GB Accepts Pope’s Offer

As reported here by the NCR Interesting—the Apostolic Constitution isn’t even out yet, is it? The Philly crowd will naturally recognize the spokesman—Bishop Moyer—which makes me wonder if this is just the British crowd…

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Opening the Floodgates

I just want all to know that I stand willing and eager to assist ++Rowan and Fr. Gordon Reid in assisting the thousands of new converts expected any minute now in the Anglican Church (Roman Rite).

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NLM and the Reform of the Reform

The Roman blog New Liturgical Movement is a frequently if not daily read for some of us non-Romans/protestants who point our liturgical eyes across the Tiber. Long militating for recognition of the splendors of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) and … Continue reading

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Tradition–And Lutheran Stuff Again

In the face of a spate of recent criticisms of the new (ELCA) Lutheran worship book, the Lutheran Zephyr raises an important set of questions and issues. He writes: When large numbers of congregations reject the beloved traditions enshrined within … Continue reading

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Must-Read Article on the New Lutheran Service Books

Lee points us to a must-read article by Philip Pfatteicher, one of the Grand Masters of American Lutheran liturgy. He writes a devastating critique of the new ELCA work, Evangelical Lutheran Worship, and damns the new LCMS Lutheran Service Book … Continue reading

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On Common Prayer: A Modest Proposal

I want to ponder both the possibilities and limitations of common prayer as we head deeper into this new century. There‚Äôs no doubt that things are changing. For decades Christian denominations have positioned themselves in relationship to one another primarily … Continue reading

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