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Sub-Surface Churn Update

I realized this morning that I haven’t posted anything here for over a month. That’s certainly not because nothing is happening… Rather, I’m in full-on Duck Mode. All may look calm on the surface, but underneath the little feet are … Continue reading

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Breviary Update & A Survey

I’ve been working in fits and starts now for almost a year on new back-end code for the St. Bede’s Breviary. I do believe we’ve turned a corner and are in the final stretch. In fact, I’m hoping to be … Continue reading

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New GrowChristians Piece

I’m continuing my “Secrets of a Pew Whisperer” series over at GrowChristians. The latest post is here: Explaining the Game. This time, I’m wrestling with one of the complaints I hear—that adults don’t like that their kids interrupt them from … Continue reading

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The St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 9

Episode 9 is finally up; it came out on Sunday—the day the psalm being discussed was used. This one tackles Psalm 32 as the psalm appointed for the Fourth Sunday in Lent. In addition to the usual discussion, there’s a good … Continue reading

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The St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 5

Here is Episode 5 of the St. Bede Psalmcast. My reader this week is production assistant Greta, and the image comes from British Library, Harley 3244, f. 38r. Included in the discussion is a reference to Rudolf Otto; I forgot … Continue reading

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Early Medieval Monastic Education, Continued

This post builds on my previous post on the topic and is most definitely a work in progress… There are probably a number of changes that I need to make ranging from points of fact to broader issues of structure. … Continue reading

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Random Things

I have some big, long, deep posts in construction. As you can see, none of them have actually made it to the stage of being published anytime recently. Partly, that’s due to multiple projects going on. Some are proceeding well, … Continue reading

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Little Hours and Lay Devotion

A few random thoughts coming together here… Books of Hours and prymers were the pre-eminent expressions of lay devotion in the pre- and early Reformation period. As I’ve written before, these books had quite a variety of things in them … Continue reading

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Interview in The Living Church

I realized with the craziness of December, I never posted this on the blog. I know several people in the Facebook loop probably saw it, but—if you didn’t—here it is. Richard Mammana, a friend of mine and one of the … Continue reading

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On the Essence of the Sanctoral Cycle, Part 2

Following on the heels of the first section, here’s the second section on the sanctoral cycle of the Calendar. —————————————– Back to Baptism There are two primary definitions that the church uses for the term “saint.” The first definition is … Continue reading

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