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Pentecost RBOC Update

Activity around the house is gearing down and preparing for summer mode; ballet and track are over for the girls. That means less shuttling them around—for now in any case… Projects are heating up. My next section on the Prayer Book Spirituality Project is in progress but isn’t near completion.

Wise Words

While I work up a post on the proper disposition of the Franken-Mass requested by colleagues, let me point you to some other stuff you should be reading: Christopher has a post on Anglican materiality Robert has a post on reconceiving Episcopal woes as a re-planting project and a great response

Go Read This

I’m working on a thoughtful post at Bill’s behest on the Daily Prayer items from the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music which should be up in the not too distant future. However, as wonderful as thoughtful posts are, sometimes we just need a good rant (which isn’t saying that