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Open Source Liturgy & Music

I just ran across a fascinating post which has actually been out there for a while, now. It’s a discussion by Adam Wood, part of the Chant Renaissance in the Roman Catholic online world, about what it would mean to … Continue reading

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Formation and the Ecclesia Anglicana

One of the perennial Anglo-Catholic hobbies  is constructing and maintaining an acceptable myth of origins. That is to say, if you are going to argue that there is a historical and theological validity to the use of certain catholic principles, … Continue reading

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Thoughts towards Infallibility and the Church

Ok—I’ve been intending to tackle this one for a while and, rightly, I do so with trepidation… My trepidation is all the greater because this cannot be a full post but must only be suggestions towards a full-on thought. (Time … Continue reading

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Is This Constructive Diversity?: Responding to Cody Unterseher

Introduction There’s a new group blog up which looks quite promising. Whether of their own volition or in response to the New Liturgical Movement (or some combination of the two), a group of moderate mainline Catholic liturgists have begun Pray … Continue reading

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Roman Missal Translation Push-back

From the Jesuit magazine America comes this article. Some gems incude: Not in my wildest dreams would it have occurred to me then that I would live to witness what seems more and more like the systematic dismantling of the … Continue reading

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And in Other Papal News

…the Pope is putting out a Christmas album. Be afraid, Sting, the Holy Father’s cuttin’ in on your turf!

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TAC GB Accepts Pope’s Offer

As reported here by the NCR Interesting—the Apostolic Constitution isn’t even out yet, is it? The Philly crowd will naturally recognize the spokesman—Bishop Moyer—which makes me wonder if this is just the British crowd…

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Breviary and Kalendar Observations

If you’re interested in the inner workings and shifts in the history of the breviary and associated liturgical bits, you must not miss the series that the NLM is running. Today’s hits a major point: the changes to the breviary … Continue reading

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Opening the Floodgates

I just want all to know that I stand willing and eager to assist ++Rowan and Fr. Gordon Reid in assisting the thousands of new converts expected any minute now in the Anglican Church (Roman Rite).

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Big News from Rome

Looks like it’s finally happened! I was skeptical up to the last moment and am still trying to sort out the full story, but it looks like Rome is indeed accepting the Traditional Anglican Communion. Updates: why nothing from Zenit … Continue reading

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