Open Source Liturgy & Music

I just ran across a fascinating post which has actually been out there for a while, now. It’s a discussion by Adam Wood, part of the Chant Renaissance in the Roman Catholic online world, about what it would mean to truly offer sacred music on an Open Source model.

It gives me quite a lot of things to think about, but the bottom line squares quite well with the proposal that I put before our Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music: our music and liturgy need to be freely available without cost in ways that developers can leverage in order to produce ways of accessing and using them either freely or at a cost.


3 thoughts on “Open Source Liturgy & Music

  1. Fr. Michael S.

    The tools he mentions are all the ones I’ve made use of for my works – but like he said, I’m an individual, and I don’t have them stored in a shareable place. Not really sure how to!

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