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Thoughts on Marriage

Even though I haven’t been writing here, I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks. One of the things I’ve been working on is now up at the Fully Alive site. If you’ve not been following along, a … Continue reading

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Xunzi and Ritual: An Initial Suggestion

Xunzi was a Chinese philosopher active at the very end of the Warring States period and lived roughly between 312 and 230 BC. A Confucian, his eponymous Xunzi is the earliest surviving attempt to systematize Confucian thought in the face … Continue reading

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On the Ethics of Giving

I have a new piece up on the Washington Post’s site about the ethics of giving. As usual, the difficulty was paring down what I had to say to fit within the word limit. I incorporated a bit from the … Continue reading

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Will Revolt For Food

(I’m still “away” but I couldn’t let this go unremarked…) From the Independent by way of TOD, bls and Dean Knisely: Thousand of protesters took to the streets, waving the orange flags of the opposition. Before long, looting began. Buildings … Continue reading

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