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Brief Random Thought

I think I’ve thought this out loud before, but it’s worth saying and pondering again… We have to recognize the reality that the church in America finds itself in. Our own church is shrinking. ┬áThe age-cohorts of clergy should be … Continue reading

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Counting Christians

Bishop Martins has a good post up on Covenant about ecclesiometry: how we count the people in churches and what these mean for us as a church. Do read his article as he makes several good points about why and … Continue reading

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Another GrowChristians Post

I have another post up on Grow Christians. This time, G and I tackle an important question on the way to ballet: Could Jesus fail a math test? Why or why not? And what is the practical effect of the … Continue reading

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Why No New Oxford Movement

There was a thought-provoking post up at Covenant the other day on Fr. Hendrickson’s call for a New Oxford Movement. Both posts are worth reading and pondering. But the time is not yet here. Sadly. Fr. Hendrickson, a figure who … Continue reading

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Church as Resource 1

I saw two things yesterday that made me remember a third and that tapped into something that I’ve been thinking quite seriously about for a while now. The first was Kyle Oliver’s post on Formation with Young Adults. Do read … Continue reading

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On Children in Church

My latest post is up on Grow Christians, a site for Episcopal families with children. This is an initial post on having kids in church coming from my particular perspective: the single dad in the pew juggling two kids… That’s … Continue reading

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On Formation

As someone who cares deeply about spiritual formation, it’s always interesting to me when I get little glimpses of the process especially when I see it in my children… My 7th grader is required to do a Bible journal for … Continue reading

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On General Seminary

The news out of New York over the last several days has been difficult to hear. M and I love GTS deeply—it’s where she did her Anglican Year and earned an STM in Liturgics. I never went to school there, … Continue reading

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Honestly Be Who You Are

Two things have caught my eye over the past couple of days that are well worth underlining. The first was a bit from The Lead on the Church of England’s growth study. Of the 8 things ennumerated as things linked … Continue reading

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SCP Presentation

M and I returned from the Annual Conference of the Society of Catholic Priests late last night. As always, we had a delightful time. Old friends were seen and caught up with; new friends were made. As promised, I’m posting … Continue reading

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