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Reading Matthew with Monks: Physical Edition!

When M, the girls and I got back from the Boston Marathon late last night, there was a slip indicating that a package was waiting for me at my neighbor’s house. After taking the girls to school this morning, I … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Ælfric

I’m reading through the LME again for a project I’m working on. Once again, I find myself baffled concerning the place of Ælfric in the modern academy. There’s a folktale with wide circulation—I first encountered it in its Turkish form … Continue reading

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Early Medieval Expectations for Laity

Posting will be quite light in the near future. I’m not giving up blogging for Lent or anything, but—as is usual—have way too many irons in the fire… I warn you now, not only will posting be sporadic but it … Continue reading

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Bits on the Night Office

A few thoughts on the Night Office, some from the previous post, others not. On the Patristic Readings Within the early medieval English system with which I’m most familiar, a regular ol’ weekday ferial Office usually had one nocturn. A … Continue reading

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Early Medieval Homiletics Reading List

Brandon was wondering…a bit ago now…about some guidance on reading for medieval homiletics. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter. Now—I do come at this from an unusual direction. That is, a lot of the medievalists out there … Continue reading

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Bede to a Bishop

Speaking of “Celtic” and Early English monasticism, Jonathan Jarrett has helpfully put up online Bede’s letter to Egbert of York. Almost makes me want to post up some of Aelfric’s Pastoral Letters…

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Book Lust

Richard Pfaff—big name in liturgical manuscripts for those unfamiliar—comes out with a winner:  The Liturgy in Medieval England. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

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History Meme

Both Jonathan and Michelle tapped me for this one so here goes… Instructions: Link to the person who tagged you. List 7 random/weird things about your favorite historical figure. Tag seven more people at the end of your blog and … Continue reading

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On the Avatar and Liturgy

Michelle at Heavenfield was asking about avatars. And I’ve been intending to get back to talking about early medieval liturgy. Sorry, but putting together a pedagogically helpful structured sequence of posts that lay everything out in good order is more … Continue reading

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Categories of Liturgical Sources in Anglo-Saxon England

The place to begin in discussing A-S liturgical minutae is with the state of primary sources—what are they and how may they be categorized? How will I know where to find what items? The most comprehensive resource I know of … Continue reading

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