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Triduum Offices

Yes, the St. Bede’s Breviary has an abbreviation of the Offices during Triduum. It follows the discussion laid out in this post from 2010. If you prefer a more standard format, I refer you to the Daily Prayer from Forward Movement.

Liturgical Juxtaposition

One of the things that I talked about in my dissertation that I’m revisiting as I frame it into a book is the principle of liturgical juxtaposition. That is, one of the ways the liturgy functions is to draw Scripture together—literally placing passages one next to the other—sometimes purposefully, other times

On the Collects

This chapter will round out the section on the Calendar before I move on to the Office. ————————————— The Collects: An Integral Link of Prayer Book Practice The Liturgical Manifestations of the Church Year The Church Year establishes fundamental organizing principles that direct our common liturgical life. The Daily Office