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On the Collects

This chapter will round out the section on the Calendar before I move on to the Office. ————————————— The Collects: An Integral Link of Prayer Book Practice The Liturgical Manifestations of the Church Year The Church Year establishes fundamental organizing principles that direct our common liturgical life. The Daily Office

On the Shape of the Calendar (Anatomy, Part 2)

Leading from the previous post on the anatomy of the Church Calendar, this bit gets to the big picture view that the prayer book never fully lays out. Here I only get through general principles and Advent—the rest are still under construction… —————————- The Shape of the Calendar Competing Calendar

Section on the Essence of the Sanctoral Cycle, Part 1

Since we looked last at the seasons of the Temporal Cycle, it’s time to head into the sanctoral cycle. This part is currently incomplete. There’s more that needs to be said here as you’ll see. I’ll indicate some of where we’re headed at the end. ———————————– The Temporal cycle that