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New Breviary Update

Here is the latest version of the breviary code revision! There are a few bugs that I’ve found so far—notably around the “Previous Office” button moving from Morning Prayer to Compline. I’m still revising it and am working on a … Continue reading

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Anglican Breviary Online Update!

I realized that I haven’t given much of an update on the Anglican Breviary online recently. The wiki can be found at Last night I caught up on some work I had backing up including quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Breviary Updates

Holiday-based stress is in high gear; lots of extra rehearsals for the older daughter for Nutcracker which will simultaneously occur and finish over the weekend. I need to start writing here more and will try and be more intentional about … Continue reading

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Breviary Preference Glitch

Surfacing briefly to comment on a problem… I’ve been totally intending to post here a while. In fact, I’m planning a fairly lengthy answer on the good question posed (a bit ago now) on the relationship between “Anglo-Catholic” and “Rite … Continue reading

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Anglican Breviary: Call for Volunteers

The Anglican Breviary Online project is now up and ready for material! Right now, my focus is on getting in materials contained in lettered section C which contains the texts for the Temporal Cycle. As I get volunteers, I shall … Continue reading

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Shifting Directions

Things Being Wrapped Up After a very busy season, it’s time for an update… The revision of my dissertation is done and has been sent off to Liturgical Press. The title I believe we’re going with is Reading Matthew with … Continue reading

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Electronic Anglican Breviary Project on Kickstarter

Today I have officially launched a Kickstarter project to convert the Anglican Breviary to digital form and to make it available as a completely free web application. For those not familiar with it, the Anglican Breviary¬†is one of the great … Continue reading

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Preferences Issues

It appears that some people are having issues with the new preferences at the breviary—others aren’t… Obviously, this is my least favorite kind of error as it’s difficult to diagnose and replicate! I have put in some fixes this morning … Continue reading

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New Preferences at the Breviary

The new preferences page and underlying code has been rolled out at the breviary. There have been a few additions and some cosmetic changes, but most of the changes have occurred under the hood. As always, I’ve tested it as … Continue reading

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iDevice Preferences Solution

Finally, I think I’ve figured out the problem with the iDevice preferences problem with the breviary! The issue seems to be the way in which the Safari/Webkit browsers implement the Javascript I was working with; I’ve tightened that up and … Continue reading

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