Breviary Preference Glitch

Surfacing briefly to comment on a problem…

I’ve been totally intending to post here a while. In fact, I’m planning a fairly lengthy answer on the good question posed (a bit ago now) on the relationship between “Anglo-Catholic” and “Rite I.” But it hasn’t gotten done.

I’m still spending a great amount of time and energy trying to finish off the “Great Cloud of Witnesses” for the SCLM’s submission to the Blue Book and I find myself unable to do much writing here until that gets done. (It’s an energy-sink kind of thing.)

In any case, I have put the RSV into the St. Bede’s Breviary. However, in modifying the Preferences to include that option, I have dislodged something somewhere that is causing issues for people who are trying to adjust said Preferences. I’m not sure what’s going on. I haven’t had much time to run it down,  nor am I replicating it, so I suspect it might be an iDevice issue. If people are experiencing this issue, please email me a sample of the broken url so I can see what is wrong with the preference code that it is trying to pass.

5 thoughts on “Breviary Preference Glitch

  1. MAG

    Hooray for the RSV! I’m not sure how many other Kindle Fire users there are on the Breviary, but I’ll test it out on my device and see what happens.

  2. James

    How about the relationship between Anglo-Catholic, Rite I, and Prayer Book Catholic? Although St. John’s in Detroit, MI describes itself as Anglo-Catholic and uses the 1928 Prayer Book; it is a good example of a Prayer Book Catholic parish. St. Clement’s in Philadelphia is by all means the highest of the high, and a good example of a missal Anglo-Catholic parish. How did these liturgical uses develop and is right to call them both Anglo-Catholic?

  3. billydinpvd

    James, since Anglo-Catholicism is not primarily about liturgics, which redaction of the Church’s liturgy a parish uses wouldn’t seem to have much to do with what label you put on a parish.

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