New Breviary Update

Here is the latest version of the breviary code revision! There are a few bugs that I’ve found so far—notably around the “Previous Office” button moving from Morning Prayer to Compline.

I’m still revising it and am working on a “Save” button.

2 thoughts on “New Breviary Update

  1. Beth Maynard

    It’s looking great! Couple comments….
    1) on my Android phone in Chrome the left margin is so tight to the side that it is tough to read
    2) it has been consistent so far that when I ask my webpage reader to read the office to me, I get a mashup of whatever office I’m on and the Great Litany. Have been assuming this is just because of the temporary status, but thought I’d mention it at this point.
    3) I said earlier that I hope experienced user can avoid having to see all the options ourselves once we’ve chosen a preference, and think you said you were still working on that.
    4) But the biggest thing for me is still, again, being able to recommend St Bede’s to people who are just beginning with the office. I’ve said that I’ve done that a lot, and that I was concerned about the intimidation factor increasing exponentially with so much extra information and choices being visible. Even with “Simplify options” selected, I still see several choices presented to the user — confession, Psalms trad/contemp, the Bible translations, the Litany (surely not common at all to use it here?), “Gospel may be used in the morning in year 2,” plus both the GT and St C available to be opted in or out. Maybe I am the only person who uses St Bede’s to evangelize for the Office with people who know zip about it! But all I can think is how complex and scary this will seem and how many total newbies will look at it and say “there’s no way I can figure this out.” Even the need to coach first-timers on the distinction between “simplify” and “shorten.” Again, maybe this is just me. But if this is near the final format, I will really miss knowing that I can give people with no Office experience a two-click exposure — “go to St Bede’s, click bare bones, and just read what’s on the page” — without a lot of meta-knowledge and vocabulary required to make sense of what they see in front of them. Sorry to keep harping on this.

    Thank you again for all your work on this amazing resource. Seriously, I no longer can imagine what I would do without being able to use St. Bede’s! It is a part of my daily life and I’m very grateful.

  2. Keith McKernna, p/OSB


    Below are some comments on the new breviary code after poking around a bit this evening.
    Configuration used for testing:
    Rite I, Include Catholic Items
    Expand the Office

    1: Having the options anchored at the bottom of the screen to me creates clutter pulling the eye away from the text of the office and to the option buttons.
    2. Psalm antiphones are missing when using the monthly psalm cycle
    3: Hymns are missing
    4: No method available to chose the Kalendar to use.
    5: Marian Antiphon missing at the end of the appropriate office
    6: The conclusion is missing from Compline

    Overall it looks very good though it really does need a clean way to save the preferences before it is ready to go live.

    For me the major inconvenience is having the options buttons anchored to the bottom of the screen. My system is an HP convertible with a fairly small screen. Having the buttons anchored at the bottom leaves very little room to display the text of the office and tends to pull the eyes away from the text. This is even more pronounced when I use my phone.


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