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Yet More On Preaching

It’s a homiletical bonanza… This is because the Episcopal Preaching Foundation’s yearly Preaching Excellence Program just wrapped up; and here’s an article summarizing the presentations. A few notes: On Tom Troeger’s poetry selections: perfect! I often use these two poems myself in talking about what Anglican preaching should be. I

On Preaching

Here’s an interesting response to the issue discussed previously about sermon stealing. I do have to take issue with the history of preaching presented by the author, however; it’s not entirely accurate. Nevertheless, one of the things that left me scratching my head after my last preaching class is the

Preaching and Plagiarism

There’s a very thought-provoking article by homiletician Tom Long currently up at the Christian Century on rampant sermon theft. Speaking as a teacher of preaching, he’s not exaggerating the situation… There’s a much longer post here to be written that I’ve started at times but never satisfactorily completed that probes

Easter Sermon

Whatever your thoughts on +Tom Wright’s politicking in these days of turmoil, do not miss his Easter Vigil sermon. This is what an Easter sermon ought to be–engaging, scriptural, and focused entirely on the resurrection.