Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

Quiet Night at the Manse

I didn’t have to work at my usual night job tonight…

So what are we up to? M+ and I are sitting in the office. I’m doing some PHP programming, she’s listening to some German industrial [Massiv in Mensch] which she’s periodically pausing while we stop and compare plainchant mass settings… (I think she’s working on a goth mass setting for those wondering…)

Ah, a normal night at the house.

Article on the Cafe

Speaking of the Episcopal Cafe…there’s an article about it up at episcopallife online right now.

I think Jim in the article is right to note that it’s a growing thing. What it is yet to be, we still don’t know. I’m intrigued by Dean Knisely’s statement that it’s looking to be more representative and that it seeks to add some conservative voices. I’d be in favor of that. I think it currently has a reputation as a “liberal” site and there’s probably some truth to it–though I wouldn’t consider all of the contributors liberal, myself among them.