Daily Archives: June 2, 2007

On the Trinity

Blessed Feast of the Holy Trinity to you all! In celebration of this occasion, I’ll point you to one of my favorite posts of the past, Revelations of Divine Algebra.

I’ll note that despite the great suggestions in the comments by Annie, *Christopher, Marshall+ and others, I haven’t had the chance to alter the content, so take their thoughts into consideration as well.

The Entourage Grows…

Some children, I’m led to understand, have imaginary friends; Lil’ G has an entire entourage.

Some of them like the infamous Va-Va and Do-Do are entirely imaginary, though with complete and complicated back-stories. (Like the time that Lil’ G married Va-Va, whence we learned that Va-Va 1) is a boy 2) from India.) Others like Claire and Keaney are real friends from school, some like Audrey are friends she had before we moved. Kizzy is among the entourage and after the recent meet-up with LutherPunk, we learned this week that his two are now among the crowd as well.