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Computer Death

My central computer has died. (Thankfully it’s a case/power supply/motherboard failure, not a disk death.) Pithy analysis, absurd witticisms, and liturgical minutae are on indefinite hold. That having been said… Congrats to Obama for an historic run but—as I said with +Gene et al.,—I sincerely hope he’s not remembered primarily

Church Hunting

Looking for a new church home here has been…an experience. We’ve look at three churches over the past three Sundays. The first two were standard middle-of-the-road broad church parishes. The bonus was that we knew folks at both and our friends preached both weeks, giving good, strong, biblically and theologically

Latest Cafe Post Is Up

I have another post up at the Episcopal Cafe. This one is not part of my on-going Church History series. Rather, it’s an ad hoc reflection whose original core was actually a suggestion from bls–it’s just taken me a while to get the whole thing out…

LP Hangs It Up

Well, my good friend LutherPunk has decided to call it quits on the blog–or at least that blog. I understand the feeling–though it’s not something I’m in the mood to do right now… I do hope he starts up again, and I’d vote for the version that includes discussion of