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Computer Death

My central computer has died. (Thankfully it’s a case/power supply/motherboard failure, not a disk death.) Pithy analysis, absurd witticisms, and liturgical minutae are on indefinite hold. That having been said… Congrats to Obama for an historic run but—as I said … Continue reading

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Of Your Charity…

I bid your prayers for the respose of the souls of Salvatore, M’s maternal grandfather, and Jean, her paternal great-aunt—and for we who remain here.

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Solemn Te Deum!!

How You Do It A solemn Te Deum can be placed at the end of a Mass or Office or may serve as a stand-alone liturgy in its own right. If the last, a procession may well be the way … Continue reading

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Finding Patterns

Life adjustment is proceeding here… There’s still chaos in the form of unpacked boxes, unorganized living spaces, and incomplete funding streams. Nevertheless, some good patterns are taking shape. M and I are in a good fitness routine now; we’re hitting … Continue reading

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Church Hunting

Looking for a new church home here has been…an experience. We’ve look at three churches over the past three Sundays. The first two were standard middle-of-the-road broad church parishes. The bonus was that we knew folks at both and our … Continue reading

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Latest Cafe Post Is Up

I have another post up at the Episcopal Cafe. This one is not part of my on-going Church History series. Rather, it’s an ad hoc reflection whose original core was actually a suggestion from bls–it’s just taken me a while … Continue reading

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Post from the North. Sort Of…

I’ve lived in at least two places (Minnesota and the South) That proclaimed themselves to be “God’s Country”. That may be…but now I’m in Mary’s land. Regrettably, we’re not all moved–I have to go back down this weekend and move … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks for All the Peaches

My computer’s packed; here’s a final note from M’s while we still have the modem up. 130+ boxes down and we pick up the truck later today. Big thanks to LP & Mrs. LP for helping pack the kitchen! Next … Continue reading

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…And I’m Off…

For a week at the shore. And hopefully also finalizing future living arrangements. I doubt I’ll be on much so I’ll leave it up to you. Make sure the bishops don’t do anything dumb while I’m gone. I may also … Continue reading

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LP Hangs It Up

Well, my good friend LutherPunk has decided to call it quits on the blog–or at least that blog. I understand the feeling–though it’s not something I’m in the mood to do right now… I do hope he starts up again, … Continue reading

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