Finding Patterns

Life adjustment is proceeding here… There’s still chaos in the form of unpacked boxes, unorganized living spaces, and incomplete funding streams. Nevertheless, some good patterns are taking shape.

M and I are in a good fitness routine now; we’re hitting the YMCA six days a week with weights and cardio. She’s taking yoga, I’m doing tai chi. (I used to do quite a bit of martial arts before wife and kids–I’m just now getting back into it…)

We’re all sitting at the table to eat breakfast and dinner together. Lil’ G has recently insisted that we start doing abbreviated morning prayer at breakfast and we’re happy to oblidge her. 

This weekend I put in new screens on the back door and in the girls’ room, replaced incandescents with compact flourescents, and did a bunch of lawnwork which included some good additions to the compost pile. The mint and lavendar are in the front bed now, and are looking much better for it. 

M’s maternal grandfather is ailing and probably won’t be with us much longer. We had a scare last week with his heart and one of the true blessings of our new location materialized: SIL swung by after she finished classes and she and M went to visit their grandparents spending a lengthy–and potentially final–visit with her grandfather. Neither of those things could have happened at the old place…

So things aren’t perfect, but they’re going quite well. Already our rhythms here are much better than they were before.

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