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Significant Books

Fr. Chris was posting on books that had been particularly formative in his faith journey and, turning it into a meme, tagged me for it. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I find it a very … Continue reading

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Two Things

Michelle of Heavenfield has diversified her blog holdings as well. Heavenfield will remain focused on early medieval history and texts while Selah will focus on the Psalms and Daily Office/Book of Hours type material. Check it out and add it … Continue reading

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Medical Limbo

Yesterday the doctor told me that I could stop doing the daily IV treatments and go to oral antibiotics. You’d think that would make M and myself quite happy. Instead we were (and remain) vaguely uneasy. That’s because he’s revised … Continue reading

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Preliminary results from yesterday’s MRI indicate no change in the bone infection. I’ll learn later in the week what exactly that means in terms of my treatment plan. I was hoping the news would be better but feared this might … Continue reading

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Spider-bite Update

Well, we’re hoping that the spider-bite drama is finally heading towards its conclusion. While I still have swelling in the foot, a really warm red patch where the infection is hanging out and am still going for daily IV treatments, … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Daily Office Propaganda

Ok—you asked for it… One of the purposes of this site is to advocate for liturgically grounded Christian spirituality. Being in the Anglican tradition—particularly the strand that appreciates our catholic and Benedictine roots—that means celebrating the balance of the Mass … Continue reading

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Cat’s in the Doghouse and Other News

My cat is so in the doghouse right now. I have two computers by my bed—my work laptop and a PC I use for my other work. Connectivity is made possible by two fifty-foot ethernet cables running down the hall … Continue reading

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A Purposeful Meme

This one’s from the Young Fogey… Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.Rule 2) List the rules. Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread. Why I Blog…1. The original purpose of this blog—see the first post—was to serve … Continue reading

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Spider Bite Update

Got back from the doctor; the news is not good. After almost three weeks afterward—and two weeks out of the hospital—my foot is still swollen and in pain. The doctor explained the results of yesterday’s MRI to us; the infection … Continue reading

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Mission and the Mainlines

There’s been some interesting talk recently that I’ve only half been able to follow: Christopher had something on the Daily Office as the core of a new way of doing Church, and on what mission could look like in his … Continue reading

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