Spider Bite Update

Got back from the doctor; the news is not good.

After almost three weeks afterward—and two weeks out of the hospital—my foot is still swollen and in pain. The doctor explained the results of yesterday’s MRI to us; the infection has moved into the bones of my feet.

He’s going to explore surgical options with a friend who’s an orthopedic, but is of the opinion that another two weeks of daily visits (and co-pays…) for IV antibiotics ought to do it.

So–more IVs, more hours out of M’s day when she has to drive me out to the doctor, and lots more co-pays. Please keep us in your prayers…

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8 Responses to Spider Bite Update

  1. Christopher says:

    Prayers continue.

  2. Anastasia says:

    oh, derek. that really, really sucks. we’ve still got you in prayer.

  3. Anastasia, I know…your deacon sent me a note wondering why y’all were praying for me… ;-)

  4. bls says:

    Damn. Yes, the prayers will continue. May the antibiotics do their work speedily.

    I know about the co-pay bit, BTW; co-pay entries are filling up my checkbook at this point, far outpacing any other kind of payment.

  5. Bill K says:

    Continuing prayers from Southern California!

  6. Continuing prayers from the Midwest too!

  7. meg says:

    And from London!

  8. Learnt all about multiple co-pays more than a year ago thanks to a dislocated shoulder with probably permanent nerve damage/partial paralysis.

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