Torture Testing

The list of “phrases you’d rather not hear your spouse say” includes this one which I just heard:

“Hey, honey—I just found your iPod in the dryer. With a load of towels.”

Now, there’s no way that my iPod Shuffle got into the dryer with a load of towels which means that this must have been its second trip around the drum after a romp in the washing machine.

It still works. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased…

7 thoughts on “Torture Testing

  1. Christopher

    Well, it could be worse. Try this:

    Me talking to C from Seattle: “Hummel, I noticed on that flight that I left my wedding ring in the basket at security in Oakland. Could you give me the number for lost and found?”

  2. Christopher

    I become non-thinking in airports–really hate them, so I wasn’t paying very close attention when going through the drill when they all but ask you to strip to my scivvies by having to take off my belt.

    On the one hand, the ring has little monetary value, on the other hand, I feel like a real jerk for losing it.

  3. LP

    We’ve lost a shuffle to the washer/dryer and an ipod “classic” to the kitchen sink. You got lucky. iPods are a lot of things: durable they ain’t.

  4. CG

    My whole wallet – notes & coins (in 2 currencies), cards, keys and more – fell from my pocket into the loo when I was visting the book/gift shop of a monastery in France while on a walking holiday. Fortunately I heard it fall just before I flushed, and reached in to fetch it out. The triple fold stayed folded so the innards weren’t too sodden. I’ve since wondered if it was a call to radical kenosis.

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