New Liturgical Look Forward

This is the “Look, ma, no head!” version…

The technical tweak to this video is that I have not included any talking head shots. It occurred to me that it didn’t make sense to do a lot of editing work to overlay pictures of a presentation over top of talking head pictures—why not just record the presentation itself? So, that’s what I tried this week. Too, my digital strategist said that the video was “less cringey” this way.

Thus, without further ado, The Liturgical Look Forward for Proper 2:

2 thoughts on “New Liturgical Look Forward

  1. Barbara Longmire

    Derek, I absolutely love “Happy Proper 2!”. I thoroughly enjoy having the liturgical context of the readings. I just purchased your book INWARDLY DIGEST and find it hard to put down. Your writings have always added much to my spiritual life.

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