3 thoughts on “Liturgical Look Forward for Proper 4

  1. T.W.

    Thanks–I found this to the point, interesting, and well worth my time before MP today. I think the screen full of graphics is better than the screen mostly full of a white background behind you. If you are more comfortable keeping yourself off camera, I see no reason you shouldn’t keep this format, which works.

    (Now, many presenters solve the problem — wanting to keep face-to-face contact to be more engaging & followable, but reserving most of the screen for something more informative than their faces — by putting a “facecam” in the corner. If you are willing to do some more experimentation, Googling “facecam in corner” will yield plenty of advice about how to implement that.)

    Maybe it’s because I don’t see your talking face, but I notice more the limitations of your microphone. If you want to do a lot of these, at some point, you might experiment with a better microphone setup that will be a bit closer to NPR than to laptop.

  2. Derek A. Olsen Post author

    I figured out yesterday that despite having my good mic hooked up to my machine it was recording through the crappy local mic. Fixed that for the new one–but I’m still experimenting with setups… I do have the ability to do the facecam, but if i’m using my good mic, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

  3. Peter De Franco, OSB

    The posts are really quite wonderful. I am wondering about the schedule for posting them. I have been sharing the posts on a few pages but the posts seem to come out after Monday Morning prayer. It might be nice to have them on Sunday for the upcoming week.

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