Daily Archives: May 1, 2007

Schism Update

There’s been a lot going on in Anglican circles these days that I haven’t felt up to reporting. But I do feel the need now to put three points of data in relation to one another.

First, notice who is not on the steering committee. No +Duncan…no +Iker…no +Schofield…no +Beckwith…

Now, notice who is on it. As Brad Drell rightly points out, all of the people who signed the “Windsor” letter ordain women.

What does this mean? It’s too soon to tell. The way I connect the dots, though, it would seem the FiF dioceses may be trying to leave, aligning themselves with Nigeria. But something smells fishy here; ++Akinola is a protestant…

I have always contended that the groups aligned against the current Episcopal leadership are only aligned in what they are against–not in what they are for–and that this does not bode well for their continuation as an organized structure. I would not be surprised if this latest bit of news does not herald the end of the Network as we know it.