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Cool Tunes and Other News

On a more cherry note, I positively and whole-heartedly endorse a new (to me) recording: Thou art My Refuge: Songs of Salvation and Mercy by Gloriae Dei Cantores. (It’s on Amazon–can’t get the link to work.) It’s a collection of 21 psalms using the classical Coverdale Psalter sung with Anglican Chant. Great stuff…

In other news, Fr. Director has indicated that he believes there are three almost-done chapters in the big box o’ crap. In delineating these three he has restricted the scope of the project to something more manageable. This is very good news…

Tanzania Reflection

I had a comment on the whole
Tanzania thing but had pretty much
decided to pass it by… Then the ABC’s address to General Synod came yesterday. Included in it is this line in reference to the Communiqué and its
directions/instructions/commands to the Episcopal

Much here depends upon goodwill and

…and that’s precisely why it will
fail. There isn’t good will and there isn’t patience. That’s why, at the end of
the day, the Panel of Reference isn’t worth a hill of beans nor the Delegated
Episcopal Oversight process. They begin from the premise that both sides want
reconciliation and are willing to do the hard work required and that’s simply
not the case.

Pray for the

More on Change

Change is good–when it works.

One of the reasons there have been no posts recently is because the email-publishing thing is not working for some reason…

Furthermore–the template is still in flux; I’m deciding what I like…

More substance later.