Daily Archives: February 20, 2007

Announcement for the Night

It’s late–I’m headed to bed after thinking about what I’m going to teach my preaching students about Style later today. (Don’t let “sermon illustrations” suck you in! They’re just one tool of many–think, rather, of Auggie’s take on Tully’s description of the three styles!)

That’s not the announcement. That’s the official notice that the announcement will be brief.

The announcement is that Fr. Director and I had a momentous lunch where I told him that I simply can’t finish the dissertation given everything else going on–foremost among them my need to put food on the table.

Fr. Director’s response was–your first and highest calling is to your family, then worry about the diss. He’s so awesome…

He’s now in possession of my “big box o’ crap” and will read through what I’ve written so far (volumes, just fragmentary and unorganized) and we’ll cobble a dissertation out of that.

So–no, I’m not quitting, but the scope must be restricted.

That is all…