Cool Tunes and Other News

On a more cherry note, I positively and whole-heartedly endorse a new (to me) recording: Thou art My Refuge: Songs of Salvation and Mercy by Gloriae Dei Cantores. (It’s on Amazon–can’t get the link to work.) It’s a collection of 21 psalms using the classical Coverdale Psalter sung with Anglican Chant. Great stuff…

In other news, Fr. Director has indicated that he believes there are three almost-done chapters in the big box o’ crap. In delineating these three he has restricted the scope of the project to something more manageable. This is very good news…

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2 Responses to Cool Tunes and Other News

  1. Annie says:


    *I wonder if I could slip that order through Amazon with hubby dearest noticing . . . *

  2. Gracious Light says:

    This is good news.

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