Theological Education for All

While glancing at the Christian Education & Formation section of the Blue Book, I ran across a reference to a website. Apparently, this is “the premier clearinghouse for resources and information regarding the breadth of theological education in The Episcopal Church.”

Anybody heard of it before?

It’s right here…: Theological Education for All

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  1. Vicki McGrath


    A bit of a tangent here (although related to the last several posts and their discussions): Full Homely Divinity quotes Archbishop Ramsey in length about theology and what he calls the Anglican vocation (see You may be familiar with this passage, but it strikes me that although it was written in 1945, it still is very timely in lots of ways. I think all of the discussion about KT Forrester+ touches precisely on your work about formation, with all of the wider questions about how and what theology is taught and learned.

    A number of commenters have remarked upon the deficiency of Forrester’s+ and others’ ecclesiology. I don’t think that’s any surprise, given that we have lived through at least forty years of disdain for and despair over “the institutional Church”, as though that was getting in the way of our being true, faithful and prophetic Christians. What we have missed in our prophetic zeal (IMHO)is exactly the understanding the the Holy Spirit works in and through (and sometimes in spite of)the Church as the Body of Christ. All the recent emphasis on community (as good as that is) is only a very small part of a genuine ecclesiology. Perhaps if we were teaching and living a stronger doctrine of the Church we would be more able to clearly grasp the importance of our Anglican vocation in the theological enterprise.


  2. Derek the Ænglican

    You know, in 2006 this may have been a start. I’ve looked at it now for a bit and I can’t see more than that it’s a collection of rather common links.

    I mean, you and I could have thrown this together in a couple of weeks!!

    Is there something more I’m missing?! I sure hope so…

    Vicki—right on the mark as usual.

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