Thanks Y’all!

{Update: Deleted cute baby picture due to Blogger problems}
Thanks for all the well-wishing! We’re proceeding as a family of four. Things are still in great chaos and will be until we settle into some kind of routine. H is an easier baby to handle than G was (eats like a horse for one thing) but ’round about 11:30-midnight she kicks up her own little “Song of H.” (let the reader understand…) and likes to continuee until about 3 in the morning or so.

Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Y’all!

  1. Annie

    Ah! Now that brings back memories. My own daughter did the same–only beginning at about 11:00 pm.

    Hmmm … wonder if dark brown hair has anything to do with it?

  2. Joe

    Ditto here…it is amazing what a lack of sleep can do to the body…and how little one cares when the cause is so precious! Hang in there…and enjoy!

    Grace and Peace,

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