8 thoughts on “Tentative Defense Date

  1. Derek the Ænglican

    Yeah–as a metaphorical cattle prod to get three more chapters (well–two and a summary) finished before then… Come August my director will probably purchase a real honest-to-goodness cattle prod to reinforce his threats…

  2. Michelle

    Another ‘end game’ being played out this fall… hopefully our dear communion won’t distract you too much.

    So what is your dissertation on? Something to do with Ælfric?

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    LP, There’s definite light. Whether it’s daylight or an oncoming freight-train has yet to be decided…

    Michelle, Some days it seems like a race as to which is finished first: my dissertation or the AC…

    Yeah, I’m writing on Ælfric’s hermeneutics and what modern scholarship can learn from medieval monastic reading practices.

  4. Michelle

    Derek, are you using Bede as well? His commentaries are coming out in English at a pretty good pace now. On Ezra last year and On Genesis is scheduled for this year. I think his Commentary on the Song of Songs is due out sometime soon. The modern English editions are coming out at the just the right time to stimulate modern scholarship. The Venerable One will be a common topic at Heavenfield.

  5. Derek the Ænglican

    In so far as Ælfric uses Bede as a source…but I’m working exclusively with sermons on Matthew. As a direct exegtical source, no–as a homiletician, yes. I did do some work with the SoS commentary during coursework but I just used the CCEL volume.

    There are others–*lurkers*–who are doing more interesting things with Bede than I…

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