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I received a note the other day from Paul Goings, frequent commenter, long-time friend of the blog, and one of the people I go to when I have questions on liturgy. There are now two blogs connected with events at St. Clement’s, Philly, the great bastion of Anglo-Papalism in the Episcopal Church.

The rector’s blog is and while liturgically traditionalist he takes a more liberal position on some of the questions of the day.

The other is the new S Clement’s Church Blog and so far has an assortment of passages from classic Anglo-Catholic authors and sermons from former rectors. I assume that it will follow a more Anglo-Papalist line on questions of the day.

I don’t know what will be in the offing there, but I’d love to see some discussions and descriptions of the usual liturgical goings-on. That is, what exactly does “Anglo-Papalist” look like there—both now and in former days—in terms of kalendars, schedules, ceremonial, etc.?

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  1. Paul Goings


    The plan is to have reprints from the archives and other historical publications which haven’t been in circulation for many years, and also original articles on liturgy, ceremonial, vestments, and music, written by parishioners and staff.

    Now that the ‘blog is up and running, I’ve asked people to start publicizing it, partly as a motivation for myself to finish some things I’ve started writing for it.

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