Today when I dashed into the gym for a lunch-hour session with the weights, the login kiosk greeted me with a virtual banner and balloons for reaching a certain number of points for the month.

One of the things that M and I like about our local Y is that the machines in the workout room are hooked into the FitLinxx system that tracks how long, how far, how heavy, etc. Furthermore, when you’re at home you can log in and add other activities. So, when I run outside, I can go and put it in manually.

In recent days, I’ve been working on really embracing this system, and being dutiful about logging my out-of-gym workouts. I find that doing so actually helps me to be more diligent about getting up and doing my tai chi in the morning. The more intentional I am about logging, the more intentional I am about doing, therefore the sooner I accumulate points and, voila, virtual banner and balloons…

So, I found myself thinking tongue-in-cheek, why not a SpirituaLixx? You know, you log your Morning and Evening Offices, your mid-day rosaries and mass attendence. It in, return, keeps you abreast of which collects to use, what Holy Days of Expectation are coming, and—when you acheive your target goals—presents you with suitably ironic icons, medals, statues, and plenary indulgences…

8 thoughts on “SpirituaLinxx

  1. Caelius Spinator

    I never could use such a system unless it were programmed to pop up with balloons and say, “Thou art an unprofitable servant.”

  2. Christopher

    Ties in with my latest post…

    Also, could you resend the link to the test-trial…

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    Actually, it’s down… Fr Chris moved servers and we haven’t put it back up yet.

    But yes, we should get it up and going again somewhere… I’ve been thinking about looking into hosting it myself somewhere.

  4. Christopher

    I would be happy to help support such an endeavor with a contribution…

  5. Chris

    Oops — yeah, I’ve been bad about getting the server back up. :-( I’m scrambling to get something up for Compline tonight as well. It keeps falling off my radar.

    I’ll see what I can do about getting everything reloaded tonight — thanks for the gentle reminder, Derek and Christopher. :-)

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