Slow Monday

Couldn’t find the car keys this morning–spent about a half hour searching even going to the extreme of waking Lil’ G and asking her if she’d swiped them (not altogether an impossibility…). Finally found them in a pants pocket. I so hate the Monday off a long weekend!


Since I couldn’t get off on time, I had to drive in all the way so no Morning Office…again. Short of adopting the patented bls commute-Office it certainly is harder to do it without a mass transit component to my day.


I’m in a malaise. It happens. Still not online much as you may well have noticed. I’m feeling like profound thoughts are in the near future–but certainly have none now…


M and I are planning what we are going to do for Advent.

2 thoughts on “Slow Monday

  1. bls

    My commute now is approximately 14 minutes, so I can’t do it anymore, either. Just started with Centering Prayer, though, which is a pretty good substitute – twice a day for 20 minutes. It’s really prayer, too, which I didn’t know.

    The practice comes right out of “The Cloud of Unknowing,” and I’m really into unknowing these days. Sorry to hear about your malaise, but you’re right: one day you’ll come awake again and will have lots of interesting stuff to say. Sometimes you have to let the field lie fallow, that’s all.

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