Schism Update

This is the way the Network will endnot with a bang but a splinter

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3 Responses to Schism Update

  1. bls says:

    It’s theater of the absurd at this point….

  2. Anastasia says:

    is this really a splinter?

  3. Derek the ├ćnglican says:

    That’s what everybody’s trying to figure out… There seem to be two main schools of thought. 1) This is another step in a grand master plan to have a collection of bishops in place for a replacement American province. 2) The African bishops have decided that it’s every-man-for-himself in a wide-open mission field.

    I’m leaning towards 2. Why? Overlapping geographical jurisdictions. Take Colorado. It’s an AMiA stronghold, yet Armstrong’s+ church went CANA. If it’ll all be the same in a matter of months, why choose the one over the other? As far as I’m concerned the relationship between AMiA and CANA is the best bellwether for how all of these things will relate and so far they seem to be doing their own things, replicating the Continuum model rather than moving towards outward and inward unity.

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