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I’m really slammed today. More breviary changes to come but work and life intrude.

However, you do need to go and read the piece that Dean Knisley put up. We who are liturgically obsessed, I believe, must always have circumstances like this in mind when we sit down and start fiddling with our prayer books. We miss the point entirely if the realities of life and liturgy get disconnected.

As I always say of Eucharistic liturgies—would I want this to be used at a funeral, or alternatively, at the last Eucharist of a person’s life? Because we’re more in danger of the latter than we think…

2 thoughts on “Read This

  1. Michelle Jackson

    Indeed! Our faith must have feet and hands. There is/are no two ways about it.

    Thank you for your website. I have learned lots from this place.

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