Official Political Endorsement

Haligweorc is coming off the fence and is formally endorsing a candidate for the presidential election:

Cthulhu for President 2008

Cthulhu for President 2008

H/t Dr. Drout at Wormtalk and Slugspeak

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11 Responses to Official Political Endorsement

  1. lutherpunk says:

    YES! Lovecraft would be proud!

  2. backrowbass says:

    LOL!! That brightened a grey morning here in the Bay Area.

  3. …and for those seeking appropriate memorabilia for this historic campaign, let’s not forget the plush Cthulhu dolls (including the huggable Christmas and Gothic versions)!

  4. Jore Sanchez says:

    Indeed; why settle?

    As I cast my vote, I will look forward to ripping my own eyes out in horror as he rises from his watery sleep in R’lyeh on January 20.

  5. Precisely, Jore.

    We can’t afford to selfishly put the needs of our personal sanity above the needs of the country.

  6. td says:

    If Cthulhu won, would anything really change?

  7. Joe Rawls says:

    Derek, maybe this will give you a shot at a job at Miskatonic University.

  8. bls says:

    Well, I don’t get it, but that must be my non-goth, non-grad school background.

    But I’m happy to be mystified. Don’t tell me.

  9. bls says:

    (But I did find this Cthulhu goth plush toy just now….)

  10. rick allen says:

    Don’t blame me. I voted for Yog-Sothoth.

  11. Ah… thanks for this. I think we all ought to support the Eldritch Party.

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