Off to the ATL

Dissertation Defense tomorrow. Say a prayer for me!

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12 Responses to Off to the ATL

  1. Breen says:

    You’ve got it, Derek!

  2. Scott says:

    I’ll be praying from Chicago. Go with God.

  3. Prayers ascending.

  4. A novena via St Thomas Aquinas (patron saint of poor scholars)!

  5. Will do. God speed on the journey and guide in the defense.

  6. Robb (LP) says:


  7. bls says:

    You got ’em.

  8. John-Julian, OJN says:

    Well, I will deliver a whole monastery’s prayers — with great hopes and blessings for you.

  9. brian m says:

    The moment I wake up, before I put on my make-up, I’ll, well, you know.

  10. Caelius Spinator says:

    Of course.

  11. Joe Rawls says:

    You’ll be in my intercessory version of the Jesus Prayer tonight and tomorrow.

  12. renpaul says:

    I hope it goes well!

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