Not Dead Yet…

I’m still here–just really busy with little time for blogging these days. A few things:

* Talked to my best friend from college the other day. He’s at Falls Church. I said, “C’mon, is this really a forty day period of discernment? Is there any doubt about what’s going to be discerned?” He just laughed.

* Church politics. It’s a serious pain in the ass. I heartily agree with bls when she says that often the Church and its politics are often the biggest stumbling block to the gospel [paraphrase…]. I’m really tempted–especially at times like these–to say, screw ’em all and stick my head back in my prayer book. Unfortuantely, though, that’s what got us to this situation…

* Prayers for *Christopher and C. They went ahead and did what they needed to do even though it was against the rules. Now, it seems, the rules are going to be enforced.

* Prayers for Anastasia. Dissertation directors can, as a class, be Evil Spawn at times. They literally hold power over their students’ careers. It’s great if they want to play petty games with their peers but screwing with their students is wrong.

More later.