New Rig!

Case and power supply arrived yesterday; the hardware’s together and I’m using it as we speak. Still need to troubleshoot some motherboard driver issues and get the old hard-drive slaved in but other than that—I’m good to go!

And only 1,148 feeds have appeared in my rss-reader since the old unit went down… (oy vey!)

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3 Responses to New Rig!

  1. A Walmart Episcopalian says:

    Here’s a joke I just thought of in the shower. I didn’t know anyone else, off the top of my head, that would appreciate it & I thought of you:

    “I asked a Hesychast to tell me the secret of knowing God, but he just wouldn’t say.”

    exit, pursued by a Nestorian…

  2. bls says:


  3. WE–lol! I like it…

    bls–getting my tools back on to make some pre-Advent fixes. :-)

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