Mr. Pink-Eye

…has come to visit. In fact, everyone in the house has it but me

So I’ve been running off to doctors the last few days and both girls are home leaving little time to do things like linking to my latest post at the Cafe.

Upon reading it over again today, I think I could have done a better job on it—it’s not quite a finished piece…

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7 Responses to Mr. Pink-Eye

  1. bls says:

    Well, I liked it. In any case, I’m just glad somebody’s talking about these issues.

  2. bls says:

    Oops. Just noticed your edit; condolences.

    (Funny, that, BTW! Not so much for you, of course….)

  3. I half-expected it so when my right eye started getting itchy I wasn’t terribly surprised… :-)

  4. Christopher says:

    Oh, man.

    I did see the post and thought it quite interesting actually.

  5. bls says:

    (Hey, D.: I’ve sent you a bunch of emails recently; am I being blocked, or are you just really busy?

    If the latter, no big deal; get back when you can. Just wanted to check….)

  6. ? Haven’t gotten them… try the gmail (which I haven’t been checking recently).

  7. Ok—got ’em—sent you a note.

    Yes on the major question.

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