I’m realizing as I sit here at the computer that there are seven prayer books and three Gospel parallels within easy reach but no Bible…

(Upon further searching I’ve located a Septuagint (the Greek OT) and another prayer book but still no full English Bible…)

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  1. Anastasia says:

    and you call yourself a protestant. wait, no…maybe you don’t.

  2. In my defense I loaned M my favorite RSV for her Bible study today and my Latin/Greek NT is upstairs where I was working last night—but I coulda sworn I had a least a paperback KJV down here!

    And, yeah, I don’t really… ;-)

  3. lutherpunk says:

    Sorry, until you reconcile with Rome or one of the Patriarchs, you are still one of us dirty Protestants…branch theory be damned!

  4. Alright–it looks like I’ll have to link to this old classic again for the edification of wayward Lutherans wherein Blessed John Mason Neale states:

    “I say, it has nothing to do with the subject, and I say so for this reason. I can allow no force in it as regards myself, because I am not a Protestant. I can allow no force in it as regards the Church of England, because the Church of England never was, is not now, and I trust in God never will be, Protestant.”

  5. lutherpunk says:

    Wow…ten minutes…I thought I would get a faster response than that! ;-)

  6. I’m slow on the draw today… :-D

  7. Joe Rawls says:

    Looks like the fundies are right about us Episcopalians after all.

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