I’m realizing as I sit here at the computer that there are seven prayer books and three Gospel parallels within easy reach but no Bible…

(Upon further searching I’ve located a Septuagint (the Greek OT) and another prayer book but still no full English Bible…)

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  1. In my defense I loaned M my favorite RSV for her Bible study today and my Latin/Greek NT is upstairs where I was working last night—but I coulda sworn I had a least a paperback KJV down here!

    And, yeah, I don’t really… ;-)

  2. Alright–it looks like I’ll have to link to this old classic again for the edification of wayward Lutherans wherein Blessed John Mason Neale states:

    “I say, it has nothing to do with the subject, and I say so for this reason. I can allow no force in it as regards myself, because I am not a Protestant. I can allow no force in it as regards the Church of England, because the Church of England never was, is not now, and I trust in God never will be, Protestant.”

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