Episco-pitch: The Short Version

A number of people have been posting their elevator pitch for the Episcopal Church. A while back I did my elevator pitch for the faith in general which I still quite like. But here’s my take. It assumes a very short elevator ride:

Faith seeking Understanding,
Rapt in the beauty of holiness.
Treading the sacramental path into love.

Perhaps it even qualifies as an Episcopal haiku rather than elevator pitch…

One Reply to “Episco-pitch: The Short Version”

  1. If the time has come to suggest ‘tweets’ or ‘pitches’ for Christianity, then the one that I would choose, and the one that I shall be singing at Pascha next Saturday midnight, would and will be:

    Christ is risen from the dead!
    Trampling down death by death,
    and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

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