Dissertation Lock-down

I met with the department yesterday and laid out my plan for completing the dissertation… I have a stretch of roughly 20 weeks this summer between semesters and that’s when it needs to happen. As a result blogging will slow–or at least will take a noticeably 10th century turn.

I have to get through grading and I do hope to put out the promised trial liturgy page (…and my entry for the Common Prayer carnival…and the carnival itself…), but then all spare brain cycles will be devoted to the dissertation.

Things will also continue to appear at the Episcopal Cafe. In fact, there’s one over there now

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6 Responses to Dissertation Lock-down

  1. bls says:

    Wow. The new article leaves me speechless. Stunning.

  2. Your article at Episcopal Cafe is a delight. Thanks.

  3. I happen to be married to someone who could benefit from a dissertation lock-down . . . (when will this blasted thing ever end?!?!?!?!). Blessings to you as you finish the diss.

  4. lutherpunk says:

    So lock on down!

    (But leave a day open so we can get our tribes together for lunch or something)

  5. swain says:

    Hey Derek!

    Sounds like we’re on essentially the same track! I have to have mine done at the beginning of Fall Semester, and defend in late Sept. Unfortunately I’m teaching over summer semester too….Best Wishes and Godspeed to you though!

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