Chant Posts from Comrades

bls has linked to the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society. For those unfamiliar with the group, you may recognize the name of Walter Frere, Anglican priest (was he a bishop too? I forget…) and liturgist. He’s one of the biggest names associated with the group and is due a great debt of gratitude for his work on Medieval English Music. Anyway, great stuff including a nice catalog of current stuff in print (in pounds, though…)

Chris has given us some goodies of his own: music for the Compline hymns according to the texts of the Anglican Breviary and the Antiphonale from NLM.He’s using TeX for it–a system that I’ve heard about peripherally but am basically unfamiliar with. After seeing these pdfs I may need to give it a serious look…

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  1. Sooooo . . . are there any instructions for making a croaky lone voice sound musical?

  2. Annie, just remember: the nine choirs of angels singing backup can make *anyone* sound good…

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